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      News — Back To Work

      Back To Work Collection

      Back To Work Collection

      Slowly but surely we are getting back into our normal routines. We're returning to the office. We're taking kids to summer camps. We're attending weddings and showers. Happy hours, concerts and street festivals are back.

      It can feel a little bit like the first day of high school though! There is some pressure when seeing people in person for the first time in over a year. Yes, we've seen them on video conferencing but no one has seen your bottom half since we all started working from home.

      We're excited for it. And we're here today with a few tips for getting back to the office in style.

      Ensure A Comfortable Fit

      Especially if your pants choice in the last year has been of the athleisure variety we suggest work pants (and skirts) with elastic waists. They're forgiving, flattering and versatile. Another option would be a wide leg jean or pant with a more fitted, or dare we say, slightly cropped, top.


      Set Yourself Up for Style Success

      Now is the time to have some fun. Fall trends are going to be a little bit bolder this year with highly saturated colors, black and white combos and rich chocolate browns. Each of these will pair perfectly with the camel tans, burgundies and sunset oranges you already have in your fall wardrobe.


      Dress To Impress

      It's as easy as accessories. Jewelry, bags and scarves add the finishing touch to every outfit. Be intentional about your top layer like a blazer or bomber jacket instead of just grabbing something as an after thought. Office AC is always chilly but you can do better than the cardigan you stuff in your desk drawer.


      Feel At Home

      Working from home has advantages and comfort is definitely one of them. Don't break your ankles wearing your sling backs that have been sitting in the closet for a year. Mules, fancy sneakers and flats will get the job done. 

      Also if you're going to be in the office five days a week again think about adding some home touches to your desk. A desk lamp, a plant and a coaster are easy personal touches.


      Find The Balance

      Between business and casual. The retail industry has termed it "Power Casual" and we're calling it Casual and Cute. We're getting dressed again but we don't want the stress! Look for elastic waist midi skirts, easy dresses that only need a cardigan or blazer for the office and wide leg pants. Comfortable, flattering and feminine styles that can go from office to al fresco cocktails. 

      We're constantly updating our collection of Back To Work styles to help our customers figure out what to add to their wardrobe.