• Candle Kit Sea Pine
  • Candle Kit Sea Pine

Candle Kit Sea Pine

Make your own 83 MAIN scented candle! Your kit includes a 9oz tumbler, 100% soy wax, pre-mixed and pre-measured fragrance oil of your choice, wick, wick sticker, wick holder, a warning label, and directions. All in a cute little to-go container! The perfect activity to do or give as a gift.

You will need to have the following materials at home: a (pyrex) measuring cup big enough to hold 9 ounces of liquid, paper towels, pot holder, metal spoon or stirring utensil, glass thermometer, and microwave.

Since you will be dealing with very hot wax, parental support is essential. This kit is not suitable for very young children.

  • $35.00