• Olive Oil & Bergamot Candle
  • Olive Oil & Bergamot Candle

Olive Oil & Bergamot Candle


This intoxicating blend of crisp citrus + soothing botanicals is laced with earthy elements and finished with soft white musk for the perfect bedside, entryway, or guest bath soy candle. With notes of patchouli, green herbs, lavender, and dew drops, this one never fails to impress again + again.

FMN candles are free of toxins, carcinogens, petroleum + pollutants. Made with lead-free, zinc-free cotton braided wicks that have been primed with vegetable based wax for an eco-friendly, clean burn.

Only premium grade fragrances + essential oils are used and promise to never use additives, phthalates, dyes, or preservatives.

  • $30.00